4A bus turning into Lime Road, and more

Probably you’ve noticed the chewed up verges on the corner of Lime Road and Laburnum Road. No doubt you’ve seen the traffic jams there as thoughtless builders park where the bus wants to go and where lorries are trying to manoeuvre their way into the development site. What a mess!!

Here’s whats’ happening.

  1. Bovis approached the Oxford Bus Company and Oxfordshire Highways to see if they could stone over the verge just on the buses’ turning corner, outside No 2 Lime Road. They both said, ‘Yes!’ Bovis plan to do this soon and will restore the grass verge when they are done. (Have you noticed that the verge opposite Rectory Homes’ Woodbank development has been restored with protective cones placed to help prevent more damage? Now they need to repair the kerbs and pavements!)
  2. The builders’ on-site parking was supposed to be finished last Friday, the 24th Jan. The week before that, it was promised on the 17th Jan. It seems to be in use now, as on road parking has eased considerably.
  3. There are FIVE construction projects in Lime Road and Arnolds Way at the moment. I include the work to refurbish No 28 Lime Road, because there are multiple vehicles working on that house. Woodbank opposite 2A Lime Road. Harcourt Place (as I guess it’s called now). The house refurb at 28, five ‘executive flats’ just past the school on the south side of Arnolds Way, and 5 executive homes just opposite that. Only Bovis have onsite parking. All the rest of them are parked on the street.
  4. Lorries hauling their loads away from the building site lose mud off the back, keeping the street cleaners working. Last week some big clots of mud fell onto Yarnells Hill. Astute and aware residents snapped photos and complained to me. But within the hour Bovis had sent the street cleaners to sweep it up.
  5. I’ve had a report that the tarmac and underlying concrete in Lime Road is cracking. I haven’t been up to see for myself. Does anyone have a photo they can send me? It’s outside 3, 5, and 7 Lime Road, I hear. I’ll report that to Bovis and to County (for highways).
  6. I complained twice to the site manager about builders vehicles parked on the bridle trail, or on the pavements and verges near the site office, preventing pedestrian passage. They were quickly cleared. It’s improving. At least now it’s not the same people doing the illegal or inconsiderate parking. The site manager is probably getting tired of my text messages.
  7. I noticed, and cringed at, the loud music blasting the neighbourhood from 8 til dusk. Someone else must’ve complained though, because it’s stopped.
  8. Boundaries on the south side, adjacent to upper Yarnells Hill, will be addressed. Bovis are in communication with residents there.

All in all, there are problems, but when they’re reported, Bovis respond. They aren’t trying to make us miserable, just to build scores of new houses as fast as they can.

I wish I had a projected end date, so I could count down the days until completion.


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